Taking McMurry Momentum on the road

MCM Momentum Group

McMurry’s drive to bring its forward momentum into communities across Texas culminated in a wonderful backyard event right in our own Abilene community. Capping off our Spring Alumni Weekend in late April, McMurry hosted its fifth McMurry Momentum event at the home of Molly ’70 and Paul ’71 Lenker.

At each McMurry Momentum event, President Dr. Sandra Harper and Vice President for Institutional Advancement Mike Hutchison updated local alumni, prospective students, parents, and friends on what a thriving, influential legacy McMurry continues to build as we move through our Centennial era.

Grant Greenwood

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Grant Greenwood had more to share about our latest enrollment numbers and new degree pathways that McMurry has built over the past few years. Numbers for both our graduating seniors and incoming freshmen continue to break records and highlight positive growth in our student population.

McMurry Momentum events have taken place in a diverse selection of cities over the past year. While we’re always happy to visit with alums in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth and elsewhere, there’s nothing quite like sharing our stories (and successes) with folks here at home in Abilene.

We will continue to add McMurry Momentum events and locations through the fall. Keep your eye out for a McMurry Momentum event near you!

Abilene| Southlake | Dallas | San Antonio | Round Rock

McMurry Momentum in Abilene
Hosted at the home of Molly ’70 and Paul ’71 Lenker on April 29, 2023.

McMurry Momentum in Southlake 
Hosted at Timmaron Country Club by Derek Bennett ’02 on March 26, 2023.

McMurry Momentum in Dallas
Hosted at the home of Jeffrey Maddox ’95 and sponsored by Bill Baker ’88 on March 27, 2023.

McMurry Momentum in Round Rock
Hosted at Urban Creekside in April 2023.

McMurry Momentum in San Antonio
Hosted at the home of Shannon Sedgwick Davis ’96 on April 18, 2023.